Seek Justice

A weekly deep dive into Criminal Justice with Erik Rasmussen and Dennis Schrantz

Ep. 19 - Bernie Sanders' Criminal Justice Reform Promises - Part 2

The hosts continue to pick apart 2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders' published plans for Criminal Justice reform, point by point.

Ep. 18 - Bernie Sanders' Criminal Justice Reform Promises - Part 1

The hosts pick apart 2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders' published plans for Criminal Justice reform, point by point.

Ep. 17 - Jeffrey Epstein and Suicide in Jail

Following the high profile case of Jeffrey Epstein, we examine the epidemic of jail suicides that plague our nation and how we have known this is a problem for years, but nothing can be done about it because of how our political system functions.

Ep. 16 - Implementing Reform Is like Conducting an Orchestra, with Roger Przybylski

Joined by special guest Roger Przybylski, we discuss how complex it is to actually implement criminal justice reform policies.

Ep. 15 - The Meaning of Life, with Marc Mauer

Joined by special guest Marc Mauer of The Sentencing Project, we discuss how life sentences are bad for everyone involved.

Ep. 14 - A Call to Action on Racial Disparity

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right.

Ep. 13 - The Economic Impact of Persons Diverted From Prison

How much can 1,611 people diverted from prison generate for a state in economic value?

Ep. 12 - The Role of Defense Attorneys

How savvy defense attorneys can partner with community sentence analysts to ensure better outcomes for their clients

Ep. 11 - Reducing Costs in Criminal Justice

Where can costs be cut? How can increasing costs be prevented?

Ep. 10 - Trust the Methodology

Can you trust research funded by an organization you disagree with politically?

Ep. 9 - Institutional Ego and Broken Promises in Mississippi

Analysis of how prison reform in Mississippi has failed

Ep. 8 - Unemployment, Before and After Prison

How best to place people into jobs upon release from prison?

Ep. 7 - Privatization of Prisons

The pros and cons (no puns intended) of privatizing prisons.

Ep. 6 - Free Labor

It turns out the slavery is not entirely outlawed.

Ep. 5 - How do we know what works?

Determining causation in a system with a million variables is hard.

Ep. 4 - Racial Disparity

How and why are people of color overrepresented in the criminal justice system?

Ep. 3 - Plea Bargaining

Why are so many people in prison for a crime they didn't commit? 90% of criminal cases never go to trial.

Ep. 2 - Community Engagement

The secret to reforming criminal justice is to do it from the bottom up, in the communities where people live.

Ep. 1 - What is Criminal Justice?

To begin, we ask, just what is the Criminal Justice "System" in the first place?